NASA Ames Biosciences Collaborative Facility N288

NASA Ames Biosciences Collaborative Facility N288

Contract: $4.1M / General Contractor: SJ Amoroso Construction

New two-story, 38,000 square foot building will consist of laboratory space, office space, conference rooms, and support space.

Lockheed Space and Missile

Lockheed Space and Missile

Contract: $1.1M / General Contractor: E.A. Hathaway Construction

As a defense contractor Lockheed has responsibility for the environmental testing of missile and satellite components. Smith & Sons Electric was the electrical contractor for this laboratory testing facility. We were responsible for the multi-phased construction of a highly technical, power-heavy facility and the installation and connection of all Lockheed's test chambers and power supplies.

Silver Laboratory

Contract: $1.1M / General Contractor: Morse Diesel

Silver Laboratories is a 3-story space science research facility developed for the University of California at Berkeley. Smith & Sons Electric was the prime electrical contractor at this facility, responsible for the construction of all working laboratories, with research labs and offices designed and constructed for each specific researcher and project. Smith & Sons Electric was also responsible for the complete life safety systems, telephone, and data systems for the Silver Laboratory Project. Constructed on a limited site situated within a congested college campus added to the complexity of this project.

Sandia National Laboratories Building 910

Contract: $950,000 / General Contractor: F&H Construction

Building 910 was constructed for Sandia National Laboratories, a defense research contractor. Smith & Sons Electric was the prime electric contractor on this project with responsibilities for the high voltage in coming power, substation, building power systems, telecommunications cable tray systems, and the wiring of all research laboratories. This project was further complicated due to the strict security provisions placed upon all personnel engaged in work within this complex and the stringent design and inspection requirements.