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Agnews Campus - MSB for Elementary & Middle Schools

Contract: $185,800.00 / Prime: Smith & Sons Electric

Provide and install new 4000A Main Switch Board for future Elementary and Middle School.

Castro Valley HS - Wellness Center & Classroom Bldg. Remodel

Contract: $1.49M / General Contractor: Thompson Builders

Demolition of two large classrooms & associated rooms. New second story with new electrical and low voltage, including elevator. New Health & Mental Wellness Center building - new classrooms, site lighting and restrooms.

Walters Jr. High School - Addition of 3 Classroom Buildings

Contract: $2.8M / General Contractor: Rodan Builders

Addition of two 2-story Classroom Buildings and one single-story Classroom Building along with Site Improvements.

Bishop Elementary School Modernization

Contract: $5.8M / General Contractor: USS Cal Builders

Construction of five new single-story modular buildings and two new two-story modular buildings. Work also included limited modernization of the existing Administration Building, Theater Building, a new Multi-use Building and exterior site improvements throughout the site.

Fremont Unified School District - Horner Jr HS Increment 1

Contract: $1.1M / General Contractor: Strawn Construction

Underground infrastructure for the future new buildings for the middle school conversion of Walters Jr. HS

Fremont Unified School District - Mission San Jose HS Pool

Contract: $375,000 / General Contractor: Western Water Features

New electrical service, lighting and pool equipment room for the new swimming pool at Mission San Jose High School

West Valley College - Student Services Building

Contract: $3.7M / Prime

New two-story 36,000 square foot Student Services Building

West Valley College - School of Professional Studies

Contract: $3.2M / General Contractor: BHM Construction Inc.

The renovation project at West Valley College for the School of Professional Studies includes the existing Business Division building and the Administration of Justice building. Both buildings will be considered under the umbrella "School of Professional Studies." These spaces include existing classroom and faculty offices.

Improvements include: Seismic upgrades, reconfiguration of exterior walls at the breezeways, new interior partition construction, new accessible circulation within the building, limited re-use of existing building materials, new fire sprinkler system installation, restrooms and plumbing upgrades, new fire alarm installation, new lighting and electrical upgrades, new mechanical systems, and new daylighting and glazing systems.

East Side Union High School District - Fire Alarm Modernization

Contract: $5.5M / General Contractor: Gonsalves & Stronck

The update covers 178 buildings, and encompasses the installation of over 4,000 devices, including smoke detectors and speaker strobes for fire alarm and mass notification. The $15 million design-build fire alarm modernization project will bring state-of-the-art fire safety to the District’s schools

Crittenden Middle School Library & Auditorium

Contract: $2.4M / General Contractor: BHM Construction, Inc.

Construction of a new two-story classroom building, Library and Auditorium.

Buchser Middle School Main Gym Modernization

Contract: $693,000 / General Contractor: Swinerton Builders

Modernization of existing Gymnasium building

West Valley College - Cilker Building

Contract: $4.9M / General Contractor: Gonsalves & Stronck

The Applied Arts & Sciences Building will serve over 12,000 students who are looking to obtain degrees in administration of justice, architecture, engineering, health care, and paralegal services. The 60,000 square foot facility includes the entire renovation of a single-story concrete structure, providing new Title 24 light fixtures and lighting control, and LEED Silver certification.

Foothill College Library & Learning Center

Contract: $2.2M / General Contractor: Kitchell CEM

Smith & Sons Electric, along with Kitchell CEM, remodeled the library and learning center single-story 48,000 square foot building. Smith & Sons Electric provided upgrades to the electrical, communications, and fire alarm systems.

Buchser Middle School

Contract: $1.1M / General Contractor: Swinerton Builders

New multipurpose room with a stage, kitchen and a two-story classroom building. Multi-prime contract with Swinerton Builders as the construction manager. With a square footage of 39,929 this project was designed to meet Title 24 and was designed keeping in mind how children learn.

Los Medanos College

Contract: $1.8M / General Contractor: SJ Amoroso Construction

Remodel of the Student Services Center.

San Jose City College Career Tech Bldg. 100 & 200

Contract: $1.5M / General Contractor: Kitchell CEM

Renovation of the Career Tech Buildings 100 & 200.

Foothill College Modernization of Learning Support Center, Biology, & General Classrooms

Contract: $1.6M / General Contractor: SJ Amoroso

Smith & Sons Electric and SJ Amoroso Construction remodeled six buildings at Foothill College in Los Altos, CA. The project required and received LEED Silver certification. The project consisted of a state-of-the-art audio visual system and a high efficiency lighting control system. The remodel of each building went on while classes were in session, without interruption to classes. The remodel of these six buildings brought 21st century technology and efficiency while maintaining the early 20th century architecture.

Fairview Elementary School

Contract: $2.4M / General Contractor: Vanir Construction

Fairview Elementary School is located in Hayward, CA. A multi-prime contract with Vanir as the construction manager, this project was to replace the entire campus. Smith & Sons Electric provided power, lighting, fire alarm, security, audio visual, and communications.

Schafer Park Elementary School

Contract: $2.4M / General Contractor: Vanir Construction

Schafer Elementary School is located in Hayward, CA. A multi-prime contract with Vanir as the construction manager, this project was to replace the entire campus. Smith & Sons Electric provided power, lighting, fire alarm, security, audio visual, and communications.

CSUEB Valley Business and Technology Center

Contract: $4.4M / General Contractor: Flint Builders

The Business and Technology Center will serve as the CSUEB campus headquarters for technology-enhanced teaching, learning and research in several academic disciplines. The 67,000 square foot facility provides a state-of-the-art home for the College of Business and Economics, programs in science, engineering, multimedia production, K-12 teaching and learning technology, and online degree programs.

Evergreen Valley College - Science Complex

Contract: $3M / General Contractor: Swinerton Builders

State of the art science and research facility consisting of 57,000 square foot building, including a science courtyard which includes bio-environments and a DNA stairway. The building also incorporated sustainable building design components into the construction of the Science Complex, which was constructed for the San Jose/Evergreen Community College District. The construction manager, Swinerton Builders, used a multi-prime contract delivery system for this project, contracting direction with Smith & Sons Electric for the high and low voltage systems for this complex research facility.

Santa Clara High School

Contract: $1M / General Contractor: Swinerton Builders

Smith & Sons Electric completed an exciting renovation project for the Santa Clara Unified School District, with BFGC providing architectural services. This project, delivered under a multi-prime contract, consisted of the demolition, new construction, and modernization of several 1950's era buildings at Santa Clara High School. The scope of work included the demolition of an existing administration building, construction of a new 10,000 square foot replacement facility with skylight, the reconstruction of the school’s library, and the modernization of eight classrooms and support spaces.

Santa Clara Unified School District

Contract: $2.3M / General Contractor: TBI Construction

The new 21 million dollar, 74,500 square foot school provides students and faculty with a modernized, beautiful campus for learning and recreation.  In addition to brand-new classrooms, students enjoy access to a state-of-the-art media center and computer lab with both wireless and hardwired internet access. A multi-purpose building with a stage, dining, wall tables, and basketball court serves as a place for assemblies, plays, and sports activities.  Classrooms are located around a central courtyard which features an outdoor theater and grassy knolls.  The courtyard also includes an outdoor lunch area.  Outdoor play areas are divided into four areas for daycare, kindergarten, elementary, and middle school and are located adjacent to a city park.

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