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ACWD Treatment Plant No. 2

Contract: $4.2M / General Contractor: Kiewit Pacific Construction

The Alameda County Water Treatment Plant, a 35.5 million dollar facility, is capable of producing a maximum of 35 million gallons of potable water per day. Smith & Sons Electric, in conjunction with the water treatment facility, completed a 1.2 Mega Watt Electrical Generating Plant that supplies all the plants electrical needs. Smith & Sons Electric was also the provider and installer of the PLC computer based, redundant, programmable local controllers that provide process and control monitoring. This facility also uses the state-of-the-art ozone disinfection system that reduces the use of chemicals in the water treatment process. As an example of the scope of the electrical work required at this facility, the following materials were installed: 26,400 feet of underground electrical conduit, 87,900 feet of exposed conduit throughout the plant, over 1,163,800 feet of electrical wire and cable, and over 23,000 man-hours.

Peralta Tyson Blending Facility

Contract: $951,000 / Prime Contractor: Smith & Sons Electric

The ACWD Peralta Tyson Blending Facility is located in Fremont, CA and is owned by the Alameda County Water District. This project included five separate water treatment basins in which chemical water treatment and blending takes place. Smith & Sons Electric provided electrical services to ACWD for the blending facility, including installations that met the most stringent NEC Nema 4x standards, provided water sample tubing, all process controls, field devices, and programming.

Mowry Wellfield Emergency Generators

Contract: $150,000 / General Contractor: John Clay General Engineering

This project for the Alameda County Water District was designed to provide emergency power to eight 2,400 volt well pumps at this well field. Smith & Sons Electric installed two owner furnished 2,400 volt Caterpillar generators and 1,200 amp high voltage switchgear. The generators were provided with a 2,000 gallon above ground diesel fuel system which required all class 1 division 1 wiring.

ACWD Desalination Facility

Contract: $2.5M / General Contractor: Pacific Mechanical Construction

The ACWD brackish water desalination facility was the first to be constructed in Northern California. The Newark Desalination Facility (Desal Facility) produces drinkable water by removing salts and other minerals from brackish groundwater.

The Desal Facility utilizes state-of-the-art technology to convert brackish water to potable water. Called reverse osmosis, this process forces water under pressure across a semi-permeable membrane. The membrane allows water molecules to pass through but stops dissolved minerals such as salts and iron.


Smith and Sons Electric provided High and Medium Voltage power, instrumentation and all control and security systems for this state of the art facility.

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