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Sony Electronics

Contract: $75,000 / General Contractor: FloStor Engineering

Sony Electronics, located in the Silicon Valley, built a new office and manufacturing facility in San Jose, CA. As part of their warehouse development, Smith & Sons Electric provided the electrical services for six 15' high x 80' long carousel conveyor systems with the associated programmable controls. This new carousel conveyor allowed Sony to organize and stock the many small components for their electronic equipment efficiently and cost effectively.

DHL Oakland International Airport

Contract: $147,000 / General Contractor: FloStor Engineering

DHL’s Express Material Handling complex at the Oakland Airport consisted of 14 motors and over 480 feet of multi-level belt conveyor systems controls and task lighting. Smith & Sons Electric installed all associated electrical and line control devices and assisted in the start up and operational tests for the system. Our skilled electricians and project manager worked in collaboration with Flo Stor Engineering and DHL to ensure systems were completed on time and without disruption to other DHL Operations.

Silicon Graphics

Contract: $350,000 / General Contractor: FloStor Engineering

Silicon Graphics, a leader in the production of high end computer terminals, expanded their manufacturing facility to compensate for their increased production. Smith & Sons Electric provided the electrical power and controls for over 1,400 feet of belt conveyor. The control of this intricate conveyor system was accomplished with four separate programmable logic controllers stationed through Silicon Graphics' facility. To further complicate this project, there was a 400,000 square foot tenant improvement being constructed at the same time, and all work crews including Smith & Sons Electric were required to work 7 days a week, 10 hours a day for the duration of the project.

C&H Sugar

Contract: Various / General Contractor: FloStor Engineering

C&H Sugar is a manufacturing center for the C&H Sugar Company in Martinez, CA. This facility is completely automated with miles of conveyor and lift equipment for the packaging and moving of product through this enormous facility. Smith & Sons Electric has over the years installed belt conveyors, carousel conveyors, lifts, transfers, power curves, sorters, photo cell controls, and PLC's . This work has always been accomplished with a minimum of disruption to C&H Sugar's manufacturing process.


Contract: $50,000 / General Contractor: C&C Electric

DHL, a premiere shipper of letters and packages, required a modernization of the material handling facility at San Francisco Airport. Smith & Sons Electric was their prime contractor for the installation of this belt driven conveyor system and the programmable controls. This work was done at off hours so as not to impact incoming and outgoing shipments.

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